We manage our portfolio actively by constantly building additional value to our companies through branding and endorsements


A characteristic of OMNIA is our ability to unite clients, partners, employees, projects, solutions and subsidiaries in surprising, new ways. When you become part of our listed company, we create synergy between all components to accomplish the ultimate result.

All of our subsidiaries as well as partners are highly involved in creating these synergies. Therefore, we never have a passive partner or an individual subsidiary which only minds its own business. We pair people and organisations to drive optimal and innovative synergy effects.


The world has changed to a place where social media can provide all the attention you need to have everybody’s attention. We do not need traditional advertising bureaus coming up with million dollars print campaigns or TV commercials.

What you need is the right influencer with a 100 million people reach to love your company and to talk about it on their social media platforms.

We provide access to influencers with the right heart and mindset. People who love what we do and the companies we help.


When you have something to tell the world, you need the eyes of the world to look at you and your company and not everyone else. The online world and content marketing is the new black. People and visitors do not click on advertisements anymore, they read stories and seek knowledge - not offers.

Providing the right platforms to get attention is a major piece of the puzzle of becoming successful and growing your company to its full potential.

We have partnered up with the largest in the business, and in combination with top influencers, the right people will find your company.