From private to public

Get the advantages of being part of a listed company


Being part of our listed company changes nothing about the way you run your business, as your company itself is not listed. But you do become part of a listed balance sheet with all the advantages that comes with it. First and foremost, your company becomes worth a lot more by being part of a listed company as there are huge differences between public and private valuations. Europe is currently valuating privately held companies within the SME space to a P/E of around three to six and publicly listed companies to a P/E of an average of 25. In 2016, publicly listed SMEs grew 6-800% in value in one year.


Today, entrepreneurs and company founders fight an uneven battle to fund their business. By becoming part of a listed company, we provide you with the financial tools, so that you can end your battles with the banks.

Unlike traditional investment funds, we do not perform a 100% buyout, whereafter we list your company and take all the profits. We want you to be part of the listing and to take part in the upside and value increase of your company. Generally, we do not believe in buyouts – as the company owner we know that you are not interested in letting go of the company that you most likely spend years on building, and as an entrepreneur you most likely do not find happiness in sitting with your hands in your pocket starring at the wall – you want to continue building your business.

We want to provide you with the tools for you to be able to capitalise on your success and to continue to run your business.